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I Woke Up Dead RP
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Welcome to the I Woke Up Dead Roleplaying Community.
[Formed 12/27/05.]

Before you consider joining, please take some time to read the rules.
(x)Before joining, you must complete a test RP with the moderator [Andrea], whose contact information can be found further down.
(x)Before testing, please take a look at the taken list to see if the character you want to play is already in use. [The longest we will hold characters is 1 week.]
(x)Please post your application within 2 days of testing, or we might give up your character.
(x)You must have AIM to join.
(x)Please don't use netspeak, unless it is appropriate, and don't ever TyPe LyKe DiS or we will be become very agitated.
(x)You may not use your personal journal as your RP character's journal. Make a new one for the character, preferably with part of their name in the username, or some way of easliy associating the character with the username.
(x)You can keep your regular AIM sn for the character, although you are more than welcome to create a new screen name specifically for the character.
(x)Please try to update your journal regularly. [Every 1 to 2 weeks.]
(x)Out of character drama is stupid and will absolutely NOT be tolerated within the community. However, in character drama makes things exciting, and is perfectly fine. We rather encourage it..
(x)Characters can be famous, or original, and of either sex. [But we usually prefer males.]
(x)Once you have tested [and been approved] please post your application in the community with "Application for *your characters full name*" as the title.
(x)Your LJ icon must be of the character you are playing. [ex. If you are playing Brody Dalle, don't put Tim Armstrong as your icon.]
(x)Actively interact with the members of the community.
(x)You gotta be at least 13.
(x)Post a disclaimer in your journal that clearly states you are not the character, that it is for RP only and you do not own them and such.
(x)Please make your character's journal Friends Only.
(x)ADD EVERYONE in the community, and the mod's personal journal, so they can actually see your entries.
(x)No male pregnancy is allowed, because that's lame.
(x)If you want 2 characters to get married, contact a mod for permission.
(x)You can't have more than 2 characters at once.
(x)Your character cannot die.
(x)RPs should be done in 3rd person past tense. [ex. 'Travis walked up to Matt's front door, knocking a few times. A couple minutes later Matt appeared at the door, looking groggy and still in his pajamas. "Hey," Travis said, smiling a little.']
(x)Feel free to make an introductory post once you've posted your application that tells us a little bit about you, so it won't feel like everyone is a stranger. This isn't necessary, but it's kind of helpful if you're shy.
(x)Also, feel free to post entire RPs in your character's journal, instead of just telling about what happened. They're fun to read. But if you do do this, make sure you post it under an LJ cut so friends pages won't get cluttered.

Don't post stupid shit in the community. [Post it in your character's journal.]
Example of inappropriate posts in the community:
(x) Oh my god, my character had noodles for breakfast this morning!
(x) Merry Christmas!/Happy Halloween/etc. [You can post holiday related posts in your character's personal journal, but if everyone in the community posted stuff like that, it would get cluttered.]
Example of appropriate posts in the community.
(x) I'm gonna be gone for a while because of *something that happened*. [It's good to notify a mod if you're gonna be inactive for while.]
(x) Applications.
(x) Notifications that you are leaving or going on hiatus because of whatever reasons.
(x) Notifications about your character's birthday. [It's ok to make post the day of their birthday saying whatever.]
(x) Notification that your character is getting married.

Rules Regarding Multiple Characters.
(x)You cannot have more than 2 characters at one time.
(x)You must create seperate character journals for your 2 characters.
(x)You do not have to, but are welcome to, have a seperate screen name for each character. [Just IM the person and tell them which character you want to RP with.]
(x)Before getting second character, contact the mod. If you're having trouble keeping up with one character, then we don't suggest you getting another one.
(x)Once you have permission for your second character, you don't have to test RP again, but you must post the application in the community using the same guidelines mentioned above.

Your Name:
Character's Name:
Character's Age:
Character's Journal:
Band, book, movie, etc. your character is from:
Character's Sexual Preference:

Moderator Contact
[info] artofdrowning_x
Character:Travis Richter [FFTL]
AIM:X You Nimrod X
E-mail: chocokitten6@aol.com

Taken List
Travis Richter [From First To Last] [Mod]
Name: Andrea
AIM: x you nimrod x/checkersandzebra
Journal: travisisdead

Matt Skiba [Alkaline Trio] [Co-Mod]
Name: Alexa
AIM: let ixxt bleed
Journal: matt_skiber

Pete Wentz [Fall Out Boy]
Name: Kendra
AIM: inapoolofurblood
Journal: dropmyheart65

Wanted Characters
People from the Used. [Preferably Jeph, Quinn, or Branden.]
People from Avenged Sevenfold.
Derek Bloom, Matt Good, and Sonny Moore of FFTL.
Derek Grant or Daniel Adriano from Alkaline Trio.
Conor Oberst.
Brody Dalle from the Distillers.
Jade Puget of A.F.I.
Patrick, Andy, or Joe from Fall Out Boy.
And any other people you can come up with.

Characters On Hold
There are currently no characters on hold.

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